Coolite Toolkit for ASP.NET with ExtJS [Community Edition]. Version

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    Coolite Toolkit for ASP.NET with ExtJS [Community Edition]. Version

    If you all don't mind please answer my question.
    if i've found this code "<!-- Coolite Toolkit for ASP.NET with ExtJS [Community Edition]. Version -->" when view source a web base aplication.

    my question :
    is it created using Ext.Net community License ?
    can this aplication sell to the other ?

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    More information regarding the Ext.NET Community and Pro license can be found at the following location, see

    The following portion from the link above may be of most interest to you:

    The Ext.NET Community Edition may not be appropriate for your project if you:
    • Develop closed-source software which might be used, accessed, installed, purchased or obtained by persons from outside your organization, company or network. Please see Ext.NET Pro.
    • Distribute or resell your software and do not want to provide the full client-side and server-side source code required to run and further develop open-source applications with your source-code.
    • Do not wish to use an open-source AGPLv3 License
    Hope this helps.
    Geoffrey McGill
    Founder & CEO

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