[CLOSED] forcing a gridpanel save

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    [CLOSED] forcing a gridpanel save

    Is it possible to force a gridPanel.save() even if nothing is changed in the grid? What i mean is that i have following:
    • a store which has its OnBeforeStoreChanged set to a server handler that saves the grid
    • a Grid bound to that store whith a button having a listener that calls gridpanel.save().

    As far as I know the save() method fires BeforeStoreChanged event where store's "modified", "deleted" and "added" entries are submitted to the server. Now I have a case that even if there is nothing in "modified" list, i.e. nothing has changed, I still want that everything in the list should be somehow manipulated and all the entries should belong to the modified list so that in the BeforeStoreChanged event these entries can again be saved.
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    Well, there is no way to force saving if there is no changes, i.e. nothing to save.

    You could:

    1. Submit a grid's data.

    2. Change required records manually. You could use some additional RecordField to change it when you'd like to force saving.
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    yes ofcourse I can submit the grid without using stores's BeforeDataChanged:), I was so focused on working it out this way without looking for alternatives.

    Many Thanks


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