how to redirect page from tab 2 to tab 1

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    how to redirect page from tab 2 to tab 1

    i have a tabpanel in default page, in tab 1 load "HomePageSanca.aspx" as you can see and in tab 2 a user registration page "RegistrazioneUtente.aspx".
    In registration page i have a asp net button that should do the redirect to the default page after the registration,but the page is opened in the tab 2
    how do I open the pages in tab 1 correctly?
    Thanks a lot

    <ext:TabPanel ID="TabPanelSanca" runat="server" EnableTabScroll="true" ActiveTabIndex="0" Border="false" IDMode="Static">
                                        <ext:Panel ID="PanelHomePage" runat="server" Title="Home Page">
                                            <AutoLoad Url="HomePageSanca.aspx" ShowMask="true" Mode="IFrame"></AutoLoad>
                                        <ext:Panel ID="PanelRegistrazione" runat="server" Title="Registrati">
                                             <AutoLoad Url="RegistrazioneUtente.aspx" ShowMask="true" Mode="IFrame"></AutoLoad>
                                        <ext:Panel ID="PanelOffriPassaggio" runat="server" Title="Offri Passaggio">
                                        <ext:Panel ID="PanelTrovaPassaggio" runat="server" Title="Trova Passaggio">
                                        <ext:Panel ID="PanelComeFunziona" runat="server" Title="Come Funziona">
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    I can suggest the following:

    1. Define a DirectMethod in tab 1 with:
    2. Call it from server side of tab 2 this way:
    X.Js.Call("parent.PanelHomePage.getBody()", "someUrl");

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