Unwanted changes in strings when filling formpanel fields with values by directmethod

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    Unwanted changes in strings when filling formpanel fields with values by directmethod


    In having a Grid that has a listener on doubleclick on rows to open a window with a number of fields and fill these with values from codebehind in a directmethod.

    The directmethod looks like this:

        public void EditPage()
            string id = RowSelectionModel1.SelectedRecordID;
            int intId = 0;
            int.TryParse(id, out intId);
            PageTemplate page = PageTemplateBLL.GetById(intId);
            if (page != null)
                pageDescription.Text = page.Description;
                pageTitle.Text = page.Title;
                pageContentXML.Text = page.ContentXML;
                pageOrder.Text = page.PageOrder.ToString();
                pageCount.Text = page.PageCount.ToString();
                PrintTemplateId.Text = page.fk_PrintTemplateId.ToString();
                PageId.Text = page.Id.ToString();
                PageTemplateGroup.Text = page.PageTemplateGroup.ToString();
                cbIncludeInTemplate.Checked = page.IncludeInTemplate;
                X.Msg.Alert("Error...", "Ingen sida hittad som matchar raden du dubbelklickade på...").Show();
    The field ContentXML is the field with a long text that gets weird encoding on the way from server side to client side.
    The string contains special variable holders that look like this ${varName} or #{varName} ... The ones that start with ${ gets changed to Ext.get(varName) and the ones named #{ gets changed to Ext.select(varName) ... Very strange things going on...

    What i wonder is if there is a way to stop Ext.net from changing these two so i can save the correct values on the server side?

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    The thread is related to:

    And here is the fix we can suggest for now:

    Unfortunately, it requires rebuilding the Ext.Net assemblies, but we can't suggest a better fix now.

    We hope to improve these mechanism in the upcoming Ext.Net v2.

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