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    I use ext:RowEditor in Plugins for Gridpanel. In <Editor> I put ext:ComboBox. When I select some text in combo and click Update in grid I see value of selected item. How can I set to see selected text from combo?

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    Please see the Department column here:
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    Thank you! That is solution.
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    Hmm, but now I have problem with inital rendering. When grid inital shows there is no text in column. In debug I saw that problem is on call function :

    var departmentRenderer = function (value) {
                var r = StoreCombo.getById(value);
                if (Ext.isEmpty(r)) {
                    return "";
                return r.data.Name;
    var r = StoreCombo.getById(value);
    "value" gets the text of DisplayField from combobox
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    Then you should:

    1. Set up a respective field as an IDProperty of Store's Reader. Then set up that field as a DataIndex of a ColumnModel's Column.


    2. Find a record in a different way.

    var findRecord = function (store, prop, value) {
        var record;
        if (store.getCount() > 0) {
            store.each(function (r) {
                if (r.data[prop] == value) {
                    record = r;
                    return false;
        return record;
    var r = findRecord (StoreCombo, ComboBox1.displayField, value);
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    In my case I need to put in Window where is my grid refresh because on initial show window code don't show text in grid column

                <BeforeShow Handler="refreshGridView()" />
                function refreshGridView() {
    Maybe this someone helps to shorten the hours of effort.
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    Thanks for the update.

    P.S. Providing a full sample to reproduce a problem always gives you the best chance to get a solution as soon as we can.

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