[CLOSED] Context Menu in the tree is not seen, it shows the shadow

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    [CLOSED] Context Menu in the tree is not seen, it shows the shadow

    Hi all,

    I am using Context Menu in the tree but, i am not able to see any text of the context Menu but the shadow of it.
    I am attaching the screen shot of it and My code is

    <ext:Viewport ID="vpLocationTree" runat="server" Layout="BorderLayout">
                <ext:Menu runat="server" ShowSeparator="true" ID="CompanyMenu">
                        <ext:MenuItem ID="mnuCreate" runat="server" Text="Create Child Company" Icon="BulletHome">
                                <Click Handler="Ext.EventBroker.RaiseEvent('LoadCompanyDetails',{ url: '/Company/Company/' +  Ext.GLOBAL_STORE.SelectedCompanyId + '/' + 'View', nocache: true, scripts: true, mode: 'iframe'});
                                        Ext.EventBroker.RaiseEvent('SelectedCompanyChanged','New');" />
                        <ext:MenuItem ID="mnuDelete" runat="server" Text="Delete Company" Icon="Cross">
                                <Click Handler="Company.DeleteCompany();" />
                        <BeforeShow Handler="DisableDeleteMenuItem({mnuDelete:#{mnuDelete}});" />
                <ext:Panel ID="Panel1" runat="server" Region="Center">
                        <ext:TreePanel Height="600" Layout="Fit" ID="CompanyTreePnl" Lines="true" runat="server"
                            Draggable="false" Frame="false" UseArrows="false" AutoScroll="true" Animate="true"
                            EnableDD="false" CollapseFirst="false" ContainerScroll="true" Border="false"
                            RootVisible="false" AutoDataBind="true" AutoDestroy="true">
                                <ext:TreeLoader DataUrl="/Common/GetTree" PreloadChildren="true">
                                        <ext:Parameter Name="nodeType" Value="node" Mode="Value" />
                                        <ext:Parameter Name="Feature" Value="Company" Mode="Value" />
                                        <ext:Parameter Name="companyId" Value="Ext.GLOBAL_STORE.SelectedCompanyId" Mode="Raw" />
                                        <Load Handler="#{CompanyTreePnl}.getNodeById('0').childNodes[0].select();" />
                                <ext:Toolbar ID="tbTree" runat="server">
                                        <ext:Button ID="btnExpandAll" runat="server" Text="Expand All">
                                                <Click Handler="#{CompanyTreePnl}.expandAll();" />
                                        <ext:Button ID="btnCollapseAll" runat="server" Text="Collapse All">
                                                <Click Handler="#{CompanyTreePnl}.collapseAll();" />
                                <ContextMenu Handler="if((Ext.GLOBAL_STORE.SelectedModule == 'User') || (Ext.GLOBAL_STORE.SelectedModule == 'Company')){
                                #{CompanyMenu}.node = node;
                                <Click Handler="Ext.GLOBAL_STORE.SelectedCompanyId = node.id;
                                                Ext.GLOBAL_STORE.SelectedCompanyName= node.text;
                                                Ext.GLOBAL_STORE.SelectedTreeNode = node;
                                                Ext.EventBroker.RaiseEvent('SelectedCompanyChanged',undefined);" />
                                <ext:AsyncTreeNode NodeID='0' Draggable="false" Icon="BuildingKey" Expanded="false">
                <BeforeRender Handler="Ext.onReady(function ()
                 { Ext.GLOBAL_STORE = parent.Ext.GLOBAL_STORE;
                   Ext.EventBroker = parent.Ext.EventBroker;
                   Ext.GLOBAL_STORE.TreePanel = #{CompanyTreePnl};
                   });" />
    Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Please move an <ext:Menu> out from a Viewport's Items.

    You can directly place an <ext:Menu> into <form> or <body>.
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    Thank you it worked...

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