[CLOSED] How do you format the date value in a DateColumn that is submitted back the server for update

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    [CLOSED] How do you format the date value in a DateColumn that is submitted back the server for update


    In your example here:

    You show how a date column can be formatted for display (using yyyy-MM-dd on the DateColumn).

    But when it is submitted back to the server, your notification box (and the HTTP post back) shows the value actually being sent back is something like "2011-11-01T00:00:00" (i.e. the date that is picked but with the time bit set to zero).

    Is there a way to format the date value when it is sent to the server (in my particular case I don't want anything after "T")?

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    Such format is produced by Ext.encode method, it is standard JSON format for the date
    That method internally uses Ext.util.JSON.encodeDate method

    encodeDate( Date d ) : String
    Encodes a Date. This returns the actual string which is inserted into the JSON string as the literal expression. The returned value includes enclosing double quotation marks.
    The default return format is "yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss".
    To override this:

    Ext.util.JSON.encodeDate = function(d) { return d.format('"Y-m-d"');};Parameters

    • d : DateThe Date to encode


    • StringThe string literal to use in a JSON string.

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    Thanks for such a quick response -- yet again :)

    And thanks for that pointer... given that is the standard format for JSON serialized dates, I'll keep it as is (we handle it on the server anyway, was just hoping to optimize at the UI layer).

    You can mark as closed/solved etc.
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    Btw, just as a minor point, looks like JSON specs don't actually define something for dates:

    - Values are defined as string, numbers, object, array, true, false, null
    - no date representation

    Wikipedia (yes, with a pinch of salt) points to a few agreed things but server and client must agree

    For us we have a separate notion of Date and DateTime so we will deal with that ourselves -- it just means overriding encodeDate for us is not really an option - so we will have to deal with this on the server which is a good thing to get right anyway :)

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