How to pass an exernal parameterto filter a grid panel with paging tool bar connected to a webservice

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    How to pass an exernal parameterto filter a grid panel with paging tool bar connected to a webservice


    I have a grid panel which uses a store (XML reader) bound to a webservice and has a paging tool bar with the paging managed remotely. I need to set a parameter value to filter the data coming back according to which Item the user has selected on a tree panel.

    So the user clicks a node on the tree panel and I want to pass this value into the webservice so that the server returns the first n ( as defined by the paging tool bar) records filtered by the value of the tree node. I cannot find a away to make this work.

    I can get the webservice working and returning data to the grid panel, and can apply a filter from the grid panel that gets to sent to the server, but I have had no joy in cracking the above issue.

    Can you please provide some assistance as to how to do this.

    many thanks

    Mark Phillips
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    How do you initiate a request to the webservice? DirectEvent of TreePanel?
    If yes then use ExtraParameters of that direct event
    Vladimir Shcheglov
    Sr. Developer
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    I am not sure I follow, however my grid is bound to the store which is uses an HTTP Proxy Get to retrieve the data, and uses base params to pass the filters coming from the grid panel filters plugin.

    When a user clicks on a tree node this triggers a direct event through which I want to get the store to rebind to the web service passing in the value of the currently selected node to the webservice which then passes that as a parameter to the stored procedure which in turn filters the query on this value.

    I have tried to rebind my store in code behind, I assume I need to bind this to the same webservice by setting up a reference to the webservice?

    My other thought would be to try and get the grid filter to source its value from the treepanel via JS ?

    Not sure which is the right / best approach?

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