[CLOSED] ProgressBar Server Side Update

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    In your example works fine, but as I said

    I have to use the HttpContext.Current.Session["LongActionProgress"]
    I need to use the httpContext, because I have to get the values in other assemblies, not only in the current thread, in my app I have a lot of dlls and each one does something that's depends on httpContext.
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    More or less clear:)
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    May be my English, it was in Portuguese I could explain it better. :)
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    I think you explained good. Maybe my threading experience doesn't let me to understand better:)
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    Sorry to reopen the topic, but I tried to recreate the solution and I was not successful.
    The error happens in:
    CurrentSessionState s = (CurrentSessionState) state;

    => Additional information: Conversion specified is not valid.
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