Performance issues with 0.8.2

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    Performance issues with 0.8.2

    We have a project which is using 0.8.2, while doing load test(we're using load runner) recently, we found the cpu usage % of web server(4 cpus) is about 90%(average), when there're only 20 concurrent requests to a page, and TPS(transaction per second) is about 10+ only.

    The testing page is very very simple, no scripts, no backend logic, just 100 coolite text field controls. When reduced the count of controls to 50, TPS improves to 20+; when reduced to 10, TPS improves to 50+; Conversely, if we put 100 standard aspx text field controls, the TPS goes much higher, about 100+.

    Is this expected behavior? Anything we can do to improve the performance? Will upgrade to 1.0 help? And how much will it improve?
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    0.8.2 version uses reflection to serialize widgets
    1.x version doesn't use reflection therefore server performance much better
    I suggest to use 1.2.0 version
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    Created two projects, one use 1.2, the other use 0.8.2, both have a testing page with 100 text field controls. Tested with load runner, didn't see any improvement, still high cpu usage and low TPS:( Have you made similar testing? is it expected behavior?

    We have an ERP project, it's going to go live soon, but the the load testing result is really bad, tried everything we can to improve the performance, but still can't reduce the cpu usage % of web server, which looks like the bottle neck. Finally we created the small testing page with controls only, it turns out the controls are the root cause. Do you have any suggestion?
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    Can you post that test page?
    Is the problem related with server side code? I meant do you test client and server side on the same machine. It is important because ExtJS client side rendering is heavy also. In real life, client side rendering will be performed on remote desktops and will not affect to the server

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