#{referencing} UserControls

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    #{referencing} UserControls

    Hey, using Coolite for the first time on a project and it's pretty exciting.

    I use UserControls pretty extensively as sort of "pre-configured" Controls (like bundling a Window and it's children in a user control for re-use). But then it's difficult to reference the Ext client objects them from parent controls, especially from a Handler attribute where you can't use <%= Mywindow.ClientID %> idiom.

    One thing I've added to the code on my end is an IClientReferenceProvider interface that provides a hook into the TokenUtils.ReplaceIDTokens() method:

    public static string ReplaceIDTokens(string script, Control seed)
        Regex regex = new Regex(TokenUtils.IDPattern);
        MatchCollection matches = regex.Matches(script);
        Control control = null;
        string id = "";
        foreach (Match match in matches)
            id = match.Value.Remove(match.Value.Length - 1).Remove(0, 2);
            control = ControlUtils.FindControl(seed, id);
            if (control != null)
                if (control is Observable)
                    script = script.Replace(match.Value, control.ClientID);
                } // ADDED
                else if (control is IClientReferenceProvider)
                    script = script.Replace(match.Value, ((IClientReferenceProvider)control).GetClientReference());
                } // END ADDED
                    script = script.Replace(match.Value, string.Concat("Ext.get(\"", control.ClientID, "\")"));
                script = script.Replace(match.Value, string.Concat("Ext.get(\"", match.Value.Remove(match.Value.Length - 1).Remove(0, 2), "\")"));
        return script;
    and then, UserControls implementing IClientReferenceProvider can either return the ID of the main container control or even return a reference to a custom object that provides a client interface to parent objects like:


    <script type="text/javascript">
    <%= ClientID %> = {
    show: function(activityID) { 
    <%= Store1.ClientID %>.baseParams.activityID = activityID;
            <%= Store1.ClientID %>.load();
            <%= Window1.ClientID %>.show();

    public class MyUserControl : UserControl, IClientReferenceProvider
    public string GetClientReference() {
    return ClientID;
    It's not 100% elegent but it's proved useful in UserControls that build heavily on existing controls with minimal additional logic. What do you think? Maybe I'm altogether missing a better way of doing this...?
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    RE: #{referencing} UserControls

    Hi abertram,

    Thanks for the feedback!

    One control we're been experimenting with for a while now is the <ext:TokenScript>, which enables you to add script tokens to be parsed from inside a standard <script> block.


    <ext:TokenScript runat="server">
        <script type="text/javascript">
            var doSomething = function () {
                #{TextField1}.setValue('Hello World!');
    The above token (#{TextField1}) is basically the same as writting <%= TextField1.ClientID %>

    You might find this helpful, although I'm not 100% sure it was included with the v0.7 release or whether it will be included in a future release. We also renamed from <ext:TokensScript> to <ext:TokenScript>.

    As mentioned above, we're still experimenting with this control, but any feedback you can provide would be helpful.

    Geoffrey McGill

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