[CLOSED] Grid Checkbox Is Being Checked When User Clicks Hyperlink in a Column

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    [CLOSED] Grid Checkbox Is Being Checked When User Clicks Hyperlink in a Column


    I have a gridview with a checkboxselectionmodel. One of my columns contains a hyperlink which spawns a popup window. When a user clicks the hyperlink, the new window pops up, but the gridview row becomes selected. I need to allow the user to click the hyperlink without causing the row to be selected.

    Any thoughts?

    Here is the code surrounding the column that contains the hyperlink:
    <ext:Column Hidden="true" Hideable="false" Header="Custom&nbsp;URL" DataIndex="customurl">
       <Renderer Fn="renderCustomURL" />
    Here is the javascript function referenced by the renderer:
    <script type="text/javascript">
            var renderCustomURL = function(value, p, record) {
            if (record.data.enablecustomurl == true) {
                    return String.format('<a href=javascript:openCustomURLWindow("{0}")>{1}</a>', record.data.customurl, record.data.customurlname)
            function openCustomURLWindow(url) {
            window.open(url, 'CustomURL', 'menubar=yes,status,resizable,scrollbars=yes,alwaysRaised,height=600,width=850');
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    Please set up IgnoreTargets="a".
    <ext:CheckboxSelectionModel runat="server" IgnoreTargets="a" />
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    That did the trick. Thanks.

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