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[CLOSED] GridPanel: ServerSide Code Equivalent for "getSelectionModel().selectRow(0)" and "getView().focusRow(0)"

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    [CLOSED] GridPanel: ServerSide Code Equivalent for "getSelectionModel().selectRow(0)" and "getView().focusRow(0)"


    I am trying to select the first record if there are nothing selected in the GridPanel.

    In the client-side, my code is:
    But can you advice the server side equivalent of this?

    Thanks, J
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    Please clarify do you need these actions during DirectEvent?

    If yes, please use:

    1. To select a row, please use:
    (GridPanel1.GetSelectionModel() as RowSelectionModel).SelectRow(0);
    or just
    2. A selected row should be focused, but here is the code to focus a row:
    or just
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    Hi Daniil,

    Actually its on the first load.

    (1) [server] Script will open a ext.window
    (2) [server] A GridPanel will be created in this window
    (3) [client] the first row will be selected.
    (4) [client] the value of this gridpanel will be sent back to server via DirectMethod
    (5) [server] another GridPanel will be populated based on this value.

    I am trying to:
    (1) [server] Script will open a ext.window
    (2) [server] A GridPanel will be created in this window
    (3) [server] select the first value and populate the 2nd GridPanel

    but somehow I am getting "" is null error. Is it possible to do what I am trying to do (I suspect the error is caused by the html not yet being created when the row is selected)?
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    Please use ViewReady listener of the GridPanel:
    GridPanel1.Listeners.ViewReady.Handler = "this.getSelectionModel().selectRow(0);"
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    Thanks Daniil,

    Please close this ticket.

    Regards, J

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