[CLOSED] Unable to stretch ext:TextField to width of FitLayout Panel correctly

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    [CLOSED] Unable to stretch ext:TextField to width of FitLayout Panel correctly

    I have a simple user control that contains among other usercontrols, a couple of standard <ext:TextFields>. All of these controls are within a <ext:FitControl>. The TextField has an IndicatorIcon attribute that seems to get stretched to the width of the container FitControl, but the input field itself does not. How do I get the input field to stretch as well ?

    Here is the code of the usercontrol. This UserControl is also placed within another UserControl (with a FitLayout container)

    See attachment for how this is being rendered.

    <ext:FitLayout ID="tt" runat="server" AnchorHorizontal="100%" >
            <nxt:LocCmb ID="LocListCmbTree" runat="server" Title="Parent Location" />
            <ext:TextField ID="txtlocationName" runat="server" FieldLabel="Location Name" IndicatorTip="Required field"
                IndicatorIcon="BulletRed" IDMode="Explicit" AnchorHorizontal="100%"  />                
            <nxt:LocList ID="nxtLocCmb" runat="server" Title="Location Type" StoreBaseParams="<%# CodeTypeSystemCode %>">
            <ext:TextField ID="txtDescription" runat="server" FieldLabel="Description" 
                IDMode="Explicit" AnchorHorizontal="100%"/>
             <nxt:PriCmb ID="PriCmb1" runat="server" Title="Primary Contact" />
    Click image for larger version. 

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