Hi all,

I saw there was already something similar to this question (browser/flash issue), but i couldn`t figure out any solution yet! Is there anything i can do to prevent this happens?

<ext:DesktopWindow ID="FlashWindow" runat="server" InitCenter="false" Title="Flash integration test" HideMode="Visibility"
        Icon="Lorry" Width="550" Height="320" PageX="200" PageY="125" Layout="Fit">
            <ext:FlashComponent runat="server" Width="300" Height="300" Url="http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=3911557&amp;server=vimeo.com&amp;show_title=1&amp;show_byline=1&amp;show_portrait=0&amp;color=&amp;fullscreen=1&js_api=1"
                Flex="1" Stateful="true">
                    <ext:Parameter Name="allowfullscreen" Value="true" Mode="Raw" />
When i minimize the window and restore it again, the movie is reloaded. It`s really annoying and prevents me to use Flash within Ext net project.

I`ve tried on Chrome 14 and IE8. But i assume it works the same on FF.

Any help would be appreciated.