HI All,

I have a question about adding more than one partial view to a panel.

The model we are using at the moment is that we render the Partial views with "AddTo" so that they participate in the layout and they are added to the items collection of the container. This is fine and it's working like a charm.

So for example I have a panel calle "Container" and I can do in js something like "Container.load({ url: '/Controller/Action/', params: ...etc.... });" and the container will load the partial view (let's call it "Content.ascx") and display it. Up to here it is fair enough.

Now what I would like to do is to load the inner view more than once for single call. A quick way of doing this would be simply to call the Container.load() method many times as needed, but this of course does not work if the number of times is not known to the client. Let's say the /Controller/Action will know (from code on the server side, not available to the client) how many times to display the "Content.ascx".

Is there a way the Controller can gather the scripts from different PartialResults and collate them all together? Or is there a way for the Controller to return for example a list of Partial results that will be executed in order?

Any idea?