"add tabs" functionality in a masterpage.

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    "add tabs" functionality in a masterpage.

    I have created a navigation menu using MenuPanel in a master page. I wonder if i can click the menu items to add tab which shows the child pages?

    thank you
    Ozay B.
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    add tab functionality in masterpage

    Demo is not used in a master page. Let me explain more. Let say have a master page and 2 pages.I create a menupanel in master page to open pages on tabpanel
     <ext:Panel runat="server" Width="350" Layout="Accordion" Split="true"  AutoHeight="true"
                            ID="Panel1" Margins="5 0 5 5" DefaultBorder="false">
     <ext:MenuPanel ID="MenuPanel1" runat="server" Width="200" Title="Menu 1" Closable="true">
                                    <Menu ID="Menu1" runat="server">
                                            <ext:MenuItem ID="MenuItem1" runat="server" Text="PAge 1">
                                                    <Click Handler="addTab(#{TabPanel1}, 'idClt', 'Page1.aspx');" />
                                            <ext:MenuSeparator />
                                            <ext:MenuItem ID="MenuItem2" runat="server" Text="PAge 2">
                                                  <Click Handler="addTab(#{TabPanel1}, 'idGgl', 'Page2.aspx');" />
                      <ext:TabPanel ID="TabPanel1" runat="server" Region="Center" Width="700px" Height="700" />
    in this block of code, when i click to a menu item, it shows menupanel too. It should show the only content of page1 or page2.
    How can i create the menupanel not to show the same menupanel in tabpanel?

    thank you.
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    Use different master page for Page1 and Page2, if some content from master page is not requied for Page1/Page2 then why do you use that master page for those pages
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    Yes. You are right. why not use different master page.!

    thank you so much

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