Vertical layout in GridPanel

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    Vertical layout in GridPanel

    How do I display a GridPanel in vertical orientation with 2 columns?
    For example, here is a table with 2 columns and many rows. I need to position GridPanel like this table.

            <td>First row header</td>
            <td>First row data data data data</td>
            <td>Second row header</td>
            <td>Second row data data data data</td>
            <td>Third row header</td>
            <td>Third row data data data data</td>
            <td>Fouth row header</td>
            <td>Fouth row data data data data</td>
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    Unfortunately, there is no such functionality in GridPanel.

    Not sure but, maybe, you need PropertyGrid.
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    it looks good. Perhaps, I'll use it.
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    <ext:Store ID="myStore" runat="server" />
    <ext:PropertyGrid ID="PropertyGrid1" runat="server" Width="600" AutoHeight="true" StoreID="myStore"
            <ext:PropertyGridParameter Name="Name1"   />
            <ext:PropertyGridParameter Name="Name2" />
            <ext:PropertyGridParameter Name="Name3" />
            <ext:PropertyGridParameter Name="Name4" />
            <ext:GridView ForceFit="true" ScrollOffset="2" runat="server" />
    protected void Page_Init(object sender, EventArgs e)
                myStore.DataSource = GetData();
            private DataTable GetData()
                DataTable dt = new DataTable();
                dt.Rows.Add("name-data-11", "name-data-22", "name-data-33", "name-data-44");
                return dt;
    How do I map <ext:PropertyGridParameter Name="Name1" /> to "Name1" of myStore (DataTable) ?
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    PropertyGrid doesn't use a store
    Just use Source property (set of items (Name/Value pair))
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    Source have no setter property. You, probably, mean SetSource() method.
    Thanks, it works as I want.
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    You don't need setter for Source, it is ready to use collection, just add to Source own parameters
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     Tuple<decimal, decimal, decimal, decimal, decimal, decimal> financeInfo = GetFinance();
                     new PropertyGridParameterCollection
                          new PropertyGridParameter("title1", financeInfo.Item1.ToString()),
                           new PropertyGridParameter("title2", financeInfo.Item2.ToString()),
                           new PropertyGridParameter("title3", financeInfo.Item3.ToString()),
                           new PropertyGridParameter("title4", financeInfo.Item4.ToString()),
                           new PropertyGridParameter("title5", financeInfo.Item5.ToString()),
                           new PropertyGridParameter("title6", financeInfo.Item6.ToString())
    Is there another way to do it?
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    Please use:
    PropertyGrid1.Source.Add(new PropertyGridParameter("name", "value"));
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    What's the difference between

    PropertyGrid1.Source.Add(new PropertyGridParameter("name", "value"));

     PropertyGrid1.SetSource( new PropertyGridParameterCollection  {  new PropertyGridParameter("name", "value")  });
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