Licensing Questions

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    Licensing Questions

    Ext.NET Pro License ($ 329) will want to buy.

    Before that, there are a few questions.

    1. License for one developer and one has to buy?

    2. License purchase by the project is that?

    3. One License to myself from two computers do not have no problem with using?
    (Example: The company I owned my computer and my personal notebook).

    Thank you.
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    Please see Q&A from

    How many licenses do we require?Ext.NET Pro is licensed ?per developer?. Each individual working directly with Ext.NET in an IDE (such as Visual Studio, Visual Web Developer Express or similar) is considered a developer. Each developer is granted the right to install and use Ext.NET Pro on workstations used by that developer for development purposes and to deploy Ext.NET Pro on unlimited domains, sub-domains and servers.Ext.NET Pro licenses are sold in ?Packs? of One (1), Five (5) and Twenty (20) developer licenses. Each Ext.NET Pro license allows for a single developer to install and use Ext.NET on unlimited workstations for development and to deploy Ext.NET on unlimited domains and sub-domains on unlimited servers.
    Vladimir Shcheglov
    Sr. Developer
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    Desktop and notebook computers use a single license got?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Woong View Post
    Desktop and notebook computers use a single license got?
    Yes. The License is per Developer, not per machine. One Developer can use the License on multiple machines.
    Geoffrey McGill
    Founder & CEO
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    Thank you.

    Is wanted answered.
    So Thank you.
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    Additional Questions

    Post a rewrite
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