Ext.Net Desktop window.

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    Ext.Net Desktop window.

    Hello All,

    I have been using ext.net desktop view window. There I am using the Deskopwindow control and inside the desktopwindow I am taking the Panel and populating my data accordingly.

    When I am using the shortcut in the desktop window the system by default is taking desktopwindow control as shorcut ID. Populating the desktop view on the page load event taking lot of time . I want to minimize the time. So i have set false the autoloading data. I tried set the onload event to populate the data., so that when the use clicks to the desktop shortcut the window will load with its data. But my onload is not working inside the Listener, or event in the desktop window.

    Is there any way around, to do that so that my loading time is reduced.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Please provide the code how you populate data within OnLoad and how you try to populate within a listener.
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    Ext.Net desktop window load issue.


    Got a way ut of this issue. I am loading control pages with the desktop view. When I am loading the control pages within the click event of the desktop shortcuts I am loads
    ding the content of the control pages. So the total load on the desktop page is now distributed and the application is taking less tiem to load.



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