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    Visual Studio Designer

    I am trying to use the Visual Studio Designer with the Ext.NET controls but I get an error message that "Visual Studio needs to restart..." error in both 2010 and 2008. Does the Designer not work with Ext.NET ASP.NET controls?
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    I, too, am having the same issue, except VS2010 abruptly crashes any time I try to go in to the design tab of aspx pages that contain Ext.Net controls.

    I am curious if and when an ext designer like experience will be available in VS201X. IMO, that and script# like strongly typed js generation is the only missing components to a fantastic product (ext.js/sencha has the java equivalent, GWT, of this)...

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    Bind store data from Nhibernate


    Is it possible to set the datasource of a store to the list of object from Nhibernate? Because usually I set the datasource of a store to a Dataset. If this is possible, is there any example?

    Thank you.

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