[CLOSED] Drag and Drop Reordering inside a panel

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    [CLOSED] Drag and Drop Reordering inside a panel

    Are there any examples of using drag and drop to reorder items inside a panel? For example, I have a panel with a bunch of other panels. I want to be able to reorder the panels.
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    Vertical or horizontal reordering?
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    Both? Imagine your DataView example with the images and scrollbar. Except now you can reorder the images inside of it (swap images with panels). Something like the following mockup:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Please see the following post for vertical reordering

    The code form that post is updated version (Y reordering) of ToolbarReorderer plugin which can perform horizontal reordering (http://dev.sencha.com/deploy/ext-3.4...orderable.html)

    If you have any troubles with that code then please inform me
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    The link to reorder toolbar extension doesn't work in that page. I also tried the Ext 4.0 examples page, and it's broken there too.

    s there another way to get to the source code for ext 3.4 ux?

    edit: nm, found them in svn
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    Please post more details what issues do you have with ToolbarReorderer ?

    Also please see the following sample

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