[CLOSED] Problem with Page.X() and masterpages

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    [CLOSED] Problem with Page.X() and masterpages

    I use Page.X()... to dinamically create a window with a grid inside. When the page doesn't have a master page it works normally. When i use a masterpage, i get javascript errors saying that the store was not found by it's id; After the error the window is shown.
    There is also a button that when clicked calls "mywindow.hide()" to hide the window. When i don't use a masterpage it works ok, but when i use a masterpage i get an error saying "mywindow" doesn't exist.

    I guess it has something to do with the controls created with Page.X() being set with client ids differently when using a master page, but i have no idea on how to fix it.
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    MasterPage is INamingContainer therefore ID doesn't equal .ID (.ClientID is used on the client side)
    You can set IDMode="Static" for a widget to ensure ID == ClientID
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    Vladimir Shcheglov
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    Are you talking about clientidmode from asp.net 4.0 or an ext.net property?
    Where can i set this?
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    When the Control is placed inside a MasterPage, the MasterPage is going to change the client-side .ID of the Control. This is the default functionality of ASP.NET. If you're server-side .ID is "mywindow", then you're client-side .id will be something like "ctl001_mywindow".

    You can get the client-side side .id, by calling the .ClientID property on the server-side instance of the Window. Such as the following...


    this.Label1.Text = this.mywindow.ClientID;
    That will print out the .ClientID of the Window. You can then use that client-side .id in your client-side JavaScript code,


    The client-side prefix added by the MasterPage will almost certainly not be "ctr001_", so you'll have first find the client-side .id by getting the .ClientID property.

    Hope this helps.
    Geoffrey McGill
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    Hi Geoffrey,

    I know, in asp.net 4 i could solve this using clientidmode = static for example. Just was not sure how to do the same in coolite, but already figured it out.

    That's what i did:

                    Window WinError = page.X().Window()
                    WinError.IDMode = IDMode.Static;
    Seems to work fine.

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