[CLOSED] Combine script files

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    [CLOSED] Combine script files

    Hi. I read on the page http://forums.ext.net/showthread.php...e-script-files that Ext.net team was going to include the feature to combine the generated ext.net jscript files (ext-base, ext-all, coolite-core, coolite-data) into one jscript file if ScriptMode="Release". Which version does include the feature?
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    Unfortunately, this feature is not implemented yet.
    Is it really required? All Ext.Net resources are cached by browser and not downloaded repeatedly
    Ext.Net 1.x toolkit will not have such feature
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    Thank you, Vladimir, for the quick answer. As for your question if the feature is really required - it's just YSlow optimization tip to reduce the number of http queries (http://developer.yahoo.com/performan....html#num_http). Of course it takes effect at the first page load when the resources not cached yet. For now to get better YSlow grade I use ResourceManager with CleanResourceUrl="true" RenderScripts="None" RenderStyles="None" options and merge and compress all the necessary scripts and styles in a special http handler.
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    The ability to combine .js and .css files is something I'm hoping to include in Ext.NET 2.0. We're working on v2.0 right now, although this functionality is yet to be built.
    Geoffrey McGill

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