Sorting within Grid panel grouped records

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    Sorting within Grid panel grouped records


    Scenario :- Having a grid panel with grouping to show employees previous activities. Grouping with some status(Grouping Field). I want to show the latest activity in the top. My BL layer will give resultset in that order. In the grid i have columns like name, createdDate, events, activity

    I want to show latest activity that group in top so i setted RemoteSort = true. it works fine otherwise if i not set this property it always displaying in ASC order

    Problem :- If i sort the column after loading it creates more grouped data in the grid panel.

    My req : Need grouped grid panel with latest activy desc order and sorting for individual columns within the group.

    Suggest me some info
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    I found the solution we have to add GroupDir property to Store. which will sort the group in respective direction with the filed specfied in GroupField no need to give remortsort = true

    store.CustomConfig.Add(new ConfigItem("groupDir", "DESC", ParameterMode.Value)); or GroupDir="DESC"


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