[CLOSED] Automatic window height based on content

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    [CLOSED] Automatic window height based on content

    I have a window that has a bunch of controls that get hidden or shown depending on different variables. All this happens before the window is actually shown with .Show()

    Is there a way to make the window's height stretch or shrink depending on its contents (what's visible or not)?
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    You can try AutoHeight property but we cannot guarantee that it will work correctly in all cases
    Auto width is impossible

    Here is note from ExtJS docs about AutoHeight
    AutoHeight true to use height:'auto', false to use fixed height (defaults to false). Note: Setting autoHeight: true means that the browser will manage the panel's height based on its contents, and that Ext will not manage it at all. If the panel is within a layout that manages dimensions (fit, border, etc.) then setting autoHeight: true can cause issues with scrolling and will not generally work as expected since the panel will take on the height of its contents rather than the height required by the Ext layout.

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