[CLOSED] Calling a Javascript function of Child page from Popup (inside Frame)

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    [CLOSED] Calling a Javascript function of Child page from Popup (inside Frame)


    I have a Page with a Tab panel, consist of 2 Tabs



    in the Tab1 Iframe, i have a page with 2 Toolbar icons

    in the Tab2 IFrame, i have a page with 3 Toolbar icons

    Now, in Tab1 Iframe, i click on the Icon1 to open a popup page, top.window_open_popup(); [the code is available in Main Page]

    in the popup page, when i click on OK button, i call a function inside Tab1 Iframe page as top.Tab_IFrame.Test(); and then close the Popup using top.window_close_popup(); [This works fine in both IE and Firefox]

    but, when i process the steps as mentioned above and then navigate to the Tab2 and come back to Tab1 and follow the same process, the code is not working in Firefox[but in IE it is working]

    pls help me on this.
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    Please provide test sample

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