[FIXED] [V0.5.3] 0.5.2 breaks open window via link

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    [FIXED] [V0.5.3] 0.5.2 breaks open window via link

    0.5.2 is breaking my window opening links.

    I reverted to 0.5.1 and they work fine.

    I'm using the below code to show my windows. Let me know if you want the code for the whole page.

    <Ext:ScriptManager ID="ScriptManager1" runat="server" Theme="Gray" Hide="true">
    <DocumentReady Handler="Ext.get('lnkHome').on('click', function() { winHome.show(); });
        Ext.get('lnkInd').on('click', function() { winInd.show(); });
        Ext.get('lnkOrg').on('click', function() { winOrg.show(); });
        Ext.get('lnkBev').on('click', function() { winInv.show(); });
        Ext.get('lnkAll').on('click', function() { winEvt.show(); });
       Ext.get('lnkPS').on('click', function() { winPay.show(); }); " />
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    RE: [FIXED] 0.5.2 breaks open window via link

    I found the problem. As part of another bug fix the DocumentReady Listener was changed to read from the .Handler property in 0.5.1, to the .Fn property in v0.5.2.

    I've added an extra check in code and now everything will be backwards compatible.

    The difference between the .Fn and .Handler properties is that the .Handler property typically gets wrapped inside a "function(){}" template. The .Fn properties just outputs the raw value of whatever was added.

    As a temp fix, you can change your script from setting the "Hander" property to set the "Fn" property.

    I've added several new cool features and fixed several annoying bugs in the last few days, so I think I'm going to publish a 0.5.3 build. The fix described in this post will be included with the 0.5.3 build.
    Geoffrey McGill
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    RE: [FIXED] 0.5.2 breaks open window via link

    Working again.

    Thanx for the help!

    Is there an RSS feed for new releases? I couldn't find one...
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    RE: [FIXED] 0.5.2 breaks open window via link

    Hi jlertle,

    The following forum post outlines a couple options for subscribing to Coolite Release Notes and keeping up to date with our progesss.


    Hope this helps.
    Geoffrey McGill

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