Gridpanel save items in one batch with validation

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    Gridpanel save items in one batch with validation


    I have got my GridPanel and I've allowed one column to be editable. So far so good.

    I have two tasks I would like to achieve:

    1. Save all the changes in one transaction
    2. Show any validation errors thrown from operation in the database

    For the first task, my question is simple: Is there a mechanism to track all the changes or will I have to create it myself through the use of hidden fields?

    The second task requires a bit more explanation. Effectively the validation I'm performing is against some value in the database. Now, if I'm submitting all my changes in one transaction, then I want to return a list of items which are invalid and mark these invalid iterms on the grid. The question again is whether there is already some built in mechanism to do that? If not would it be best to create an extension in order to implement that piece of functionality?


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    Vladimir Shcheglov
    Sr. Developer
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    Hi Vladimir,

    Thank you once more. The confirmation example should do it I think.


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