Problem with HtmlEditor loading

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    I still have the same problem after changin autoheight and layout values.

    Thank you
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    Is the Compatibility mode switched off?
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    Same problem with compatibility off :(
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    I still can't reproduce.

    Is the issue reproducible under other browsers?

    What OS do you test under?
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    I've tested with Firefox and Chrome and couldn't reproduce the problem.

    I'm under Seven 32 bit and IE9 with double display
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    I've tested under Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

    I don't think that the problem is related to 32/64 bit.

    Has your Windows got SP1?
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    My Windows 7 is not SP1.

    I'll try to upgrade it to check if it solves the issue.

    Thank you
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    Hope this will solve the problem:)
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    I still have the problem under SP1 but i tested something and it seems that the problem occurs when IE9 is running the page under Quirks mode (press F12 key).

    I tried with IE 9 Norms and i couldn't reproduce it.

    May be you could reproduce the problem on your system with this information
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    Sorry, i gave you a bad way, i could reproduce the problem even if the page is browsed under IE9 norms
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