[CLOSED] Is there a way to send Store baseParams during Update

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    [CLOSED] Is there a way to send Store baseParams during Update


    I'm following your example here:

    In it you use an HttpWriteProxy to POST an Update request to an ASHX which is exactly what I want to do. However, watching the data in Firebug, I notice that edited/updated rows are sent to the server but that is it - I don't see the store's base params being sent to the server like they are during a load. Is there a way to get them sent during an update/save operation as well as load? I tried to look at Ext Js's save() method on the Store and couldn't see it.

    If there isn't a native way, the only other way I can see is perhaps on the Store's BeforeSave event updating the HttpWriteProxy's URL to have the store base parameters added to it as querystrings, which is a bit limited but could work in my scenario. Then I can request them off the Request object on the ashx. Can you see another way to do this?

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    I've used this kind of JavaScript for now:

    (I found I had to use autoLoad, not baseParams)

    beforeSave: function(store) {
        var autoLoad = store.autoLoad.params,
            params = [],
        for (param in autoLoad) {
            if (autoLoad.hasOwnProperty(param)) {
                params.push(encodeURIComponent(param) + "=" + encodeURIComponent(autoLoad[param]));
        queryString = params.join("&");
        store.updateProxy.conn.url += "?" + queryString;
    // etc
    So I guess my question is am I just re-inventing the wheel and has ExtJs or Ext.Net got a way to already send the base params during an update?
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    I guess you need to use <WriteBaseParams> of Store.
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    Many thanks for that! Didn't realize there was that property. That seems to do the trick :)

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