[CLOSED] [1.0] Hide GridCommand in CommandColumn

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    [CLOSED] [1.0] Hide GridCommand in CommandColumn


    In that post (http://forums.ext.net/showthread.php?2230-CLOSED-How-to-Hide-Show-CommandColumn-for-Each-Row-Based-on-record.data) it's explained how to hide a GridCommand via Prepare command.

    But, how can I do the same thing in code-behind?

    Thanks in advice.
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    It is not supported in the code behind because UI are built on the client side only
    Why do you need to do it in code behind?
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    I see. I want to show/hide GridCommand depending some roles ("Administrator","User",...).
    Those roles are managed with .NET Membership.

    Do you know other way to do that?
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    Why do you need to hide it? I think that it is better to generate different set of commands (Commands collection of CommandColumn) depending on the role
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    Well, yes I know what do you want to mean, but it's not only a role, there are some factors that are involved too.
    For example, there are some rows that are verified* (in that case can't be deleted and edited), other rows must have a score (other gridcommand must be showed/hided depending that)...

    *verified is a boolean db field.
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    Well, in this case, add separate field to the binded data
    Define value for that field in the code behind (show or hide command), in the prepare js method show/hide command depending on that field
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    Ok, I think the same. Well I'm going to work in that, thanks for fast reply!


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