Can't show a static text-string ...

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    Can't show a static text-string ...

    Hello World,

    Is there any option/way to show a text-string ALWAYS as some kind of header to the result of this code:
    <ext:Tab ID="TabDocuments" runat="server" Title="Dokument" Border="false">
                                        <ext:FitLayout runat="server">
                                            <ext:DataView runat="server" StoreID="DocumentStore" ItemSelector="span:first-child">         
                                                <Template ID="Template1" runat="server">   
                                                       <div id="Avtal">Avtal</div>
                                                       <div id="Ovrigt">Ovrigt</div>
                                                       <div id="Prislistor">Prislistor</div>
                                                       <div id="Bilagor">Bilagor</div>                                        
                                                     <tpl for=".">                                          
                                                       <div id="{CategoryName}_text">
                                                            <a href="/pages/downloaddocument/DownloadDocumentHelper.aspx?id={RevisionGuid}&type=SupplierDocument" target="_blank" >{DocumentTitle}</a>
    As it is right now, "Avtal" + "Ovrigt" + "Prislistor" + "Bilagor" only shows if and only if there is something to show after/in the <tpl for=".">
    I always want to show "Avtal" + "Ovrigt" + "Prislistor" + "Bilagor" even if there is no data presented after/in the <tpl for=".">

    Any advice ?

    Please see my three attached images.
    actual_with_data.jpg (Correct with data)
    actual_without_data.jpg (Right now without data, not correct)
    my_dream_without_data.jpg (As I want it to be without data, correct)

    Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	actual_with_data.jpg 
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Name:	my_dream_without_data.jpg 
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Size:	33.6 KB 
ID:	2840  
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