I wanted to make developers aware of a new Sencha Meetup group, based in the south-west of England. The aim of the group will be to bring developers together, and share knowledge/tips on Sencha products, including Ext.NET as it uses Ext JS.

Our first meetup, "An evening of Ext JS" is scheduled for Wednesday 7th July 2011, and will be held in Bath, Somerset. Presentations so far will include the following:

"Brief introduction to Ext JS" - For newcomers to the technology - 15 mins
"Real-world use of Ext JS" - Using Ext JS in a real-world environment, with code samples and demonstrations - 45 mins
"Using Ext JS in a .NET environment" - How Ext JS can be used in a .NET environment by using Ext.NET, with code samples and demonstrations - 45 mins
Event page: http://www.meetup.com/The-South-West...ents/17302120/

If there are any developers on these forums based in south-west England who are interested in attending this meetup (or future meetups), please register your interest on our Meetup page: http://www.meetup.com/The-South-West...Sencha-Meetup/