Panels / Portals? Confused...

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    Panels / Portals? Confused...

    Hello guys...

    I have a few, probably simple questions for you but i'm a bit confused here..

    I have this aspx page which inherits a MasterPage. Everything's working just fine. What I want to do is to let users to customize their home (default.aspx) page with widgets, etc, like iGoogle. I've tried to use Portal script but whatever I do, it keeps filling the whole page and maximizes itself. (portal and resource manager is in a contentplaceholder btw). Is there a way to fit the whole portal in the ContentPlaceHolder? If yes, I have another question.

    Every user is going to have their own customized page, so I'll need to keep the data of what widgets are on the page and where they are positioned. Is there a way to hold at least their positions? Are there any integrated methods or something for it?

    Last one, if the Portal is too much for what I'm asking it to do, is there a more simplified way to do it like a better component than ASP.Net's WebParts (which is totally useless)? And also, I'll be saving their location on the page too....

    Thanks in advance :)
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    omg no one to reply?
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    I've not tried this, but could you put your content inside a panel and fix the panels size to that of the ContentPlaceHolder?

    Or if not, maybe use the Panels Render() method to tell the panel to render to a specific HTML component? the div of your ContentPlaceHolder perhaps?
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    omg no one to reply?

    Everything you asked has been done, and if you search through this forum it will answer all your questions. If you expect someone to just tell you how to do this rather complex task when you only have 2 posts under your belt is asking a little much. Look at some of member Tansu's early posts to get started.

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