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    Partial Post Back

    I have implemented one grid panel with one id column
    When i click on any id row it opens up a pop-up,Now the problem is that when i close that pop-up i am calling one functions which contains _dopostback on parent page.
    Now what i want is the page should only post back the grid part and not the whole page,like the one in asp:updatepanel
    presently the whole page is post back,i want only the grid to get post back ie:all data from the grid is lost and the whole page is flicked
    Is there any mechanism in extjs controls like the one in asp:updatepanel

    if i do _dopostback("updatepanel1","")
    so the above method will only postpack the updatepanel1 and not the whole page

    so i want exactly the above mechanism in extjs

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    Can you post a simplified .aspx sample demonstrating what you trying?

    The recommended technique would be using DirectEvents and/or a [DirectMethod].
    Geoffrey McGill
    Founder & CEO
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    Quote Originally Posted by geoffrey.mcgill View Post

    Can you post a simplified .aspx sample demonstrating what you trying?

    The recommended technique would be using DirectEvents and/or a [DirectMethod].
    Thanks geoffrey.mcgill for reply

      function Openpopup() {
     "Default2.aspx");        }
      function callback()
    __dopostback("")-----------what to write over here
    -----------------aspx code----------------------
     <ext:Viewport ID="Viewport1" runat="server" Layout="border">
                <ext:Panel ID="Panel2" runat="server" Layout="fit" Region="North">
                        <ext:Toolbar ID="Toolbar1" Region="North" runat="server" Flat="true">
                                <ext:TextField EmptyText="Search Text Here" ID="txtBasicSearch" runat="server">
                <ext:Panel ID="Panel1" runat="server" Collapsible="true" Layout="accordion" Region="West"
                    Split="true" Title="Navigation" Width="250">
                           <ext:TreePanel ID="trpBatches" runat="server" AutoScroll="true">
                                        <ext:Toolbar runat="server">
                                                <ext:ImageButton ID="btnCheckIn" runat="server" AlternateText="Accept" ToolTip="Accept"
                                                    ImageUrl="~/App_Themes/Blue/images/Icons/CheckIn.PNG" />
                                                <ext:ToolbarSpacer />
                                                <ext:ImageButton ID="btnCheckOut" runat="server" AlternateText="Complete" ToolTip="Complete"
                                                    ImageUrl="~/App_Themes/Blue/images/Icons/CheckOut.PNG" OnClientClick="CustomStatus('progressBarMyBatch');" />
                                                <ext:ToolbarSpacer />
                                                <ext:ImageButton ID="btnAutoCheckin" runat="server" AlternateText="Auto Accept Batch"
                                                    ToolTip="Auto Accept Batch" ImageUrl="~/App_Themes/Blue/images/Icons/AssignToTeam.PNG" />
                                                <ext:ToolbarFill />
                                                <ext:ImageButton ID="lnkBatchTreePrv" runat="server" Cls="button_Prev" ToolTip="Select Node and go to previous Page" />
                                                <ext:ImageButton ID="lnkBatchTreeNext" runat="server" Cls="button_Next" ToolTip="Select Node and go to Next Page" />
                <ext:Panel ID="Panel4" runat="server" Layout="Fit" Region="Center" Title="Result">
                        <ext:GridPanel ID="GridPanel1" runat="server" Layout="fit" StripeRows="true" AutoWidth="true" >
                                <ext:Store ID="Store1" runat="server" AutoDecode="true" SerializationMode="Simple"
                                    AutoDataBind="true"  AutoDestroy ="true"  >
                                        <ext:JsonReader IDProperty="appID">
                                                <ext:RecordField Name="appID" Type="Auto" />
                            <ColumnModel ID="ColumnModel1" runat="server" AutoDataBind="true" DefaultSortable="false" >
                               <ext:Column Header="ID" Resizable="true" DataIndex="appID" >
                                        <Commands >
                                            <ext:ImageCommand CommandName ="SelectDocument" Icon="Door"  >
                                                <ToolTip Text="Review Document" />                                            
                          <Command Handler="if(command === 'SelectDocument'){ Openpopup(); }"  />
                <ext:Panel ID="Panel5" runat="server" Collapsible="true" Layout="accordion" Region="East"
                    Split="true" Title="Work Product" Width="250">
    The above code opens up a pop up on ImageCommand
    The popup opens and when i close that opoup i am fireing a javascript function on window.onunload(opener.callback()
    As i have'nt wrote anything in __dopostback() thats y it postbacks the whole page and the page comes to its default state
    if i would be using asp controls then i would have put asp:updatepanel which contains grid,now in __dopostback("updatepanel1") so it will only postback the grid and not the whole page
    So the same mechanism i want to achive in it is possible
    Is there any Updatepanel in extjs or any mechanism which will only post back gridpanel and not the whiole page

    Plz help me...m all stuck becoze of the above problem


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