[CLOSED] Request for documentation/tutorials: Layout explanation required

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    [CLOSED] Request for documentation/tutorials: Layout explanation required


    I think that there is a real need for a hands-on, practical tutorial or hands-on documentation on "best practices" when it comes to layout.

    The biggest problem I have with ext.net is to understand how and when to use the different layout controls. As of now its almost pure "trial and error" when trying to layout simple things and it gets really messy when I have my own UserControls involved.

    I have made several posts with questions on different layout problems, and I have also read others who doesnt really get how and when to use a certain layout control.

    This thread is a good example of that problem:
    See escpecially post #7. How on earth are you supposed to understand and know that?

    There are others similar posts.

    Example on questions:
    when do you use FormPanel and not <ext:Panel Layout="Form"...>?
    What is the best practice if you are creating your own UserControls and want that UserControl to "autofit" its containing control (width, height or both)?
    When do use RowLayout, and why use RowLayout when you can just add <Panel ...> after each other?
    What is the difference between Panel and Container? When do I use what? Why?
    On custom/self-made UserControls - how do I make then behave like other Controls so that they get for example the "FieldLabel" property? What do I inherit? Is there some info/tutorial/docs that explain how I make my UserControl "intergrate" with other stuff better?

    There are many many more questions. The examples.ext.net is a good resource, but there need to be a lot more examples and some understandable tutorials, explanations and best-practies that one can use.

    Right now I think Im spending about 90% of my time trying to get basic layouts correct.

    Thanks =)
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