[CLOSED] IIS publishing problem

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    [CLOSED] IIS publishing problem


    I have one application and it works very well in my pc. But, when I published and put everything in other server, it worked normally, but , when somebody use my application a little time, than application pool is stop automaticly. In addition to this, Visual Studio Just-In-Time Debugger is opened automaticly. Please can you help me? it is very urgent.

    Screenshots are below. These are my server pc pictures.

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    Unfortunately, we cannot say anything concrete. As I notice, your application has stack overflow, it can be related with infinite recursion
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    Yes I understand. But, it works very well in my pc. It doesn't work in IIS. So, I asked you. What should I do? Because, until now I couldn't solve.
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    I cannot say anything concrete without test application which reproduces the problem.
    Why do you think that problem is related with Ext.Net toolkit?
    Just run debugger when VS dialog is appeared and check the problem code
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    Problem is solved.

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