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    Please, add new property "RunOnce" in Task for control, that would avoid duplication of running the same task, because then it can not be stopped.

    Ext.net.TaskManager.prototype.startTask = function (task) {
        if (this.executing) return;
        task = this.getTask(task);
        if (task.running) return;
        task.running = true;
        if (task.onstart) { task.onstart.apply(task.scope || task); }
    Ext.net.TaskManager.prototype.stopTask = function (task) {
        this.runner.stop(task = this.getTask(task));
        task.running = false;
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    Task has Repeat property. You can set Repeat="1" to execute the task once only
    Vladimir Shcheglov
    Sr. Developer
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    If I write

    It turns out that the task 'qqq' run twice in parallel and stopTask stops just one task. To stop the second task should stopTask call again.
    (buggy, if between startTasks task time to execute).

    In some time
    task will not run at all.

    Property is properly named as RunUnique.

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