Advanced Treepanel checkboxes

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    Advanced Treepanel checkboxes

    Here are my suggestions for some smart checkbox features:

    - A single property on TreePanel to automatically create checkboxes for all nodes.  EnableCheckboxes.  Still keep treenode's Checkbox property.
    - Way to toggle recursive checking.  If parent is checked, check all children.  If children is unchecked, uncheck parent (or do tri-state checkbox mode).
    - Preserve recursive checking with load on demand.  When adding children to a node, children should inherit's parent checkbox state.

    I was able to accomplish most of those manually, but it will be nice if they are part of the toolkit.  

    ExtJS thread on recursive checking:

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    RE: Advanced Treepanel checkboxes

    Hi Jacky,

    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll take a close look at these features during the upcoming week. 

    Geoffrey McGill
    Founder & CEO
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    RE: Advanced Treepanel checkboxes

    Any idea why the nodes of the TreePanel disappear/appear without consistency when using within a ModalPopUpExtender (AJAXToolKit)?

    I'm trying to use the TreePanel within a modal popup. The tree loads with the nodes properly for the first time but the nodes appear/disappear when one moves the popup by the title bar.

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    RE: Advanced Treepanel checkboxes

    @PeterSam - Please start a new thread in the Help forums with your question, see

    Geoffrey McGill
    Founder & CEO
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    RE: Advanced Treepanel checkboxes


    is there any news about the idea to add checkbox-features to a tree?

    If not... a thumb up for this feature from me too! :-)


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