Control Interfaces

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    Control Interfaces

    Something I'm finding very limiting is that the Ext.Net Controls is not having any common base class or interface. I'm having to write simple support functions for every control just to set common properties.

    What would be nice is a nice set of interfaces that all basic controls subscribe to for common properties like text, html, class, visible, tooltips, etc. MS has the WebControl base class but obviously that's not going to work here, so that's why I'm proposing interfaces.

    Obviously some thought would need to go into this, but it seems to me that a simple grid of all controls and their properties/methods on the horizontal, would expose the majority intution for groups of interfaces.

    No control library is really complete without some sense of common bases.
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    The other good thing about this suggestion is it wouldn't break any existing code.
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    How about Ext.Net.XControl?

    All components within Ext.NET inherit from XControl.
    Geoffrey McGill
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    --Darn it. Login timeout ate my response. It said it posted but didn't.--

    I'm not going to repost all that data again, but the short answer is...

    I'll try to come up with something a little more like a proposal if I can ever find the time. XControl is too low level to be an asset. Component isn't high enough either. And Microsoft Interfaces like ITextControl really limit value to only MS controls.

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