[CLOSED] Contacting Geoffrey ??

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    [CLOSED] Contacting Geoffrey ??


    I sent you a couple of emails 2 weeks ago but have had no responses, i'm having to post here as i believe the pm feature of the forum is not working. Could you check to see if my emails are getting blocked ??

    The topic has been about trying to get coolite working under .net 2.0 which i know is a pain but you are advertising it as working under the 2.0 framework.

    please let me know

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    RE: [CLOSED] Contacting Geoffrey ??

    Hi Steve,

    The last email I received from you was three months ago in September and it looks like I responded within minutes. I'll review the complete email thread again.

    Your last post in the forums related to this topic was around that same time (3 months ago). If you feel a topic has not been answered completely, please feel free to bump your post. 

    If I missed a post or email from ~2 weeks ago (which is very possible and I apologize), please resend email to me (geoff [at] coolite [dot] com) or bump the post. 

    I believe there are two options for getting the Toolkit to work on under .NET2.0, although both require that the .NET 3.5 System.Core.dll be available. I think these were both discussed in detail in other forum posts. I'll find the links to those posts. 

    The Toolkit will not compile with pure .NET 2.0 Framework because of our requirement on the Json.NET Assembly. 

    I will remove any reference to the Toolkit working under .NET 2.0. That said, the Toolkit will still compile and work without issue in Visual Studio 2005 and IIS6 (or earlier) if the .NET 3.5 Framework has been installed on that machine. 

    UPDATE: We found Steve's email, but they were trapped by Google App email spam filters.

    Geoffrey McGill
    Founder & CEO
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    RE: [CLOSED] Contacting Geoffrey ??

    Thanks Geoffrey, i'll pop home and check/resend emails in the next hour.

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