[CLOSED] Button event is not firing in parent window from popup window

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    [CLOSED] Button event is not firing in parent window from popup window


    I have one main page which one is containing one text field and two buttons. The Direct event defined in main page for one button (called "btnRefresh") which is not not required to show visually in the page, and the other button will open popup window. I am able pass information from popup to text field in main page. In popup one button needs to pass one specific value to text field in main page and fire button event and also needs to close popup window.

    I have implemented btnRefresh event as

    Public Sub btnRefresh_click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As DirectEventArgs)
            'functionality implementation code 
        End Sub
    <div style="display: none">
            <ext:Button ID="btnRefresh" runat="server">
                    <Click OnEvent="btnRefresh_click">
                        <EventMask ShowMask="true" Msg="Updating..." MinDelay="1000" />
    In popup window I have added listener to button as which one is not showing the EventMask (means the event not firing)

    btnOk.Listeners.Click.Handler = "parent.pnlMain.getBody().txtInfo.setValue(lblPresentTime.getValue()); parent.pnlMain.getBody().btnRefresh.Click;parent.Ext.getCmp('WindowReqCond').close()";
    Instead of above if I implement as follows it is throwing error as 'parent.pnlMain' is null or not an object
    btnOk.Listeners.Click.Handler = "parent.pnlMain.getBody().txtInfo.setValue(lblPresentTime.getValue()); parent.Ext.getCmp('WindowReqCond').close();parent.pnlMain.getBody().btnRefresh.Click";
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    Please try
    Well, the following code does nothing:
    It just calls .Click property of the button.

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