MVC 3 support

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    MVC 3 support


    Please could you let me know what your plans are for supporting the Razor engine in MVC 3? Do you have any timescales for when this might be implemented?


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    We are planning to include Razor support in Ext.Net 2
    Unfortunately, we have no any time frame for v2
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    Our goal is to support Razor view engine in the next major release (v2). At this moment I do not have a time-frame on the availability of v2.
    Geoffrey McGill
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    The feature ticket has been created.
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    about Razor view engine

    Is it ready for MVC 3? if it's not, how long does it take?

    please aware of this
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    Our goal is to support the Razor ViewEngine (and all MVC ViewEngines) with the Ext.NET v2 release.

    There is currently no release date for v2, although we're hoping to have a "Preview" release available to Premium Members sometime soon.
    Geoffrey McGill
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    Hi Geoffrey,

    Do you have a rough idea of when premium members will be able to get hold of a "preview" of Ext.NET v2? e.g. A few weeks time? Or a few months time?

    We're very keen to use the Razor view engine in a new project, and our continued use of Ext.NET will depend on whether support for that is implemented soon.


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    Our goal is to have a "Preview" release of Ext.NET 2.0 available for Premium Members within the next few weeks.

    Hope this helps.
    Geoffrey McGill
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    Now it will available in August?thank you
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