Hello there,
i'm a newbie so that forgive e if this question could be stupid :)

I downloaded ext.net webdesktop from examples and i'm customizating it.
It's quite simple and intuitive and i customized without problem but....
i'd like to make a procedure that permit user to customize desktop shortcuts.
I saw that to make a desktop shortcut i need to write on aspx page
<ext:DesktopShortcut ModuleID="DesktopModule1" Text="SOMETHING" IconCls="SOMETHING-ON-YOUR-CSS-CLASS" /> behind "Shortcuts" tabs.

I thougth about a webform when user could check options that he wants to see on webdesktop as shortcuts, when he submits shortcuts i can store selection in a table or xml file but how can i call them ??

Is there a method on page load event to define desktop shortcuts dynamically??


I'm using vb.net

Thanks for your support!!