Locking Multi Grouping Grid View

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    Locking Multi Grouping Grid View


    I found there is a LockingGroupingGridView from Ext.js forum which is great work. I just wonder whether it is possible to apply the locking on multi grouping GridView. I think that will be more generic for use.

    There is some works has already been done but still have problems

    The first level grouping does't work but second level group do work.

    If that is solved, it's more useful.

    Thank you.
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    At this moment there is no LockingGroupingGridView in Ext.Net.

    The best we could do is adding this as the official future request and review/implement in the future. I will consider this with Dev team.
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    The Feature ticket has been added, see
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    Go it, Thank you
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    What upon this ticket? Will it be implemented in 2.0?

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    Unfortunately, no. At least, in the first major release.

    You could also look into the RowExpander functionality.

    Though it's not compatible with LockingGridView as well.
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    OK, I hope it will be implemented in a future release because it is logical to be able to have the 2 fonctionality.
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    Yes, it would be great to have such built-in functionality.

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