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Binding data to DropdownField control

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    Binding data to DropdownField control

    Hello Team Members,

    I am very new to Ext.Net and just starting by trying some proof of concepts. I am an developer, hence when working on i am searching for some control properties that we have in, but without any doubt i know both are different programming models.

    In this POC, i am using a DropDownField, and i have a datasource that contains one table with data OR i also have a List of Entity containing data that i want to bind to the DropDownField Control. In, we have a DataSource Property to which we can bind the data and the control shows the values.

    Can someone please tell me how can i bind my available datasources to the DropDownField control. As i am very new, i obviously dont have any examples that i can show. But i have just dropped the DropDownField control on my aspx page and trying to figure out how would i achieve this.

    I have downloaded the latest version of Ext.Net - 3.5 and installed the control library to my Visual Studio 2010 Professional Edition.

    Please help!

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    DropDownField is a control which shows popup widget under own field

    It is not databound control because its logic depends from popup control

    I guess that you need to use ComboBox widget. ComboBox can work with a Store (Store is databound control which has DataSource and DataSourceID properties) or you can define Items for combo directly
    Vladimir Shcheglov
    Sr. Developer
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    Thanks vladmir.

    In the DropDownField example, i saw the below code, what do these Listeners signify?

                                        <ItemClick Handler="#{Field2}.setValue(menuItem.text);" />

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