[FIXED] [V0.5] ComboBoxBase and 0.5.0

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    [FIXED] [V0.5] ComboBoxBase and 0.5.0

    Hi, I am playing with ComboBoxBase class - I derived another class that uses "transform" property to transform existing combo box to Ext one.
    I found a problem with MinListWidth: Specified cast is not valid in ClientConfig line 409
    Unit defaultVal = (Unit) defaultValue;
    and defaultValue for MinListWith is [DefaultValue(70)], while for other Unit properties in another classes (looking into the source code) there is [DefaultValue(typeof(Unit), "XX")].
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    RE: [FIXED] ComboBoxBase and 0.5.0

    Thanks for pointing out the bug. The ComboBoxBase.cs class has not been updated recently and that property was previously an "int" and later changed to a "Unit".

    I also just noticed that the HandleHeight and MaxHeight properties have the problem.
    Geoffrey McGill

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