Ext JS 4 Roadmap

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    Quote Originally Posted by michael_aj View Post
    Thank you for your recommendation to start a new thread. I am already modifying my thread post and am starting a new thread. Sorry for the hassle caused Sir!
    No problem, thanks for starting a new thread. I have answered there.

    Just it makes the things easier when there is a single issue/topic per one thread.
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    Do you know when is released ExtJS 4.1.2 and also applied to Ext.NET 2.1?
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    Quote Originally Posted by softmachine2011 View Post
    Do you know when is released ExtJS 4.1.2 and also applied to Ext.NET 2.1?
    I can't find any official info. Though, I think it should be soon.

    We will update Ext.NET v2.1 to ExtJS 4.1.2 very soon after its release.
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    Future roadmap


    With the news of the acquisition of Sencha by IDERA, the subsequent lay-off of the core Extjs developers and the lack of information from the Ext.NET team concerning .NET Core we are concerned about the future of the product. (Please see https://www.sencha.com/forum/showthr...S-dying/page56)

    We have invested heavily in ExtJs and Ext.NET in our applications over the past 7 years. Can you please assure us of your plans/roadmap for the future?

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    Hello @paulc! Thanks for your inquiry!

    I see you created another thread at https://forums.ext.net/showthread.php?62407 with the same question. I have pointed both threads to @Geoffrey, as he's the best person to give you an answer about all you asked, I have now pointed him the new thread you created.

    What I can say in advance is we are working on Ext.NET 4.7 now, that will include the just-released Ext JS 6.6.0, and we have some threads and a github issue about ASPNet Core, where we already sent some answers for inquiries about it.

    Please hang in for a while, we'll get to your threads and answer them.
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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