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Ext JS 4 Roadmap

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    Quote Originally Posted by michael_aj View Post
    Thank you for your recommendation to start a new thread. I am already modifying my thread post and am starting a new thread. Sorry for the hassle caused Sir!
    No problem, thanks for starting a new thread. I have answered there.

    Just it makes the things easier when there is a single issue/topic per one thread.
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    Do you know when is released ExtJS 4.1.2 and also applied to Ext.NET 2.1?
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    Quote Originally Posted by softmachine2011 View Post
    Do you know when is released ExtJS 4.1.2 and also applied to Ext.NET 2.1?
    I can't find any official info. Though, I think it should be soon.

    We will update Ext.NET v2.1 to ExtJS 4.1.2 very soon after its release.
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    Future roadmap


    With the news of the acquisition of Sencha by IDERA, the subsequent lay-off of the core Extjs developers and the lack of information from the Ext.NET team concerning .NET Core we are concerned about the future of the product. (Please see

    We have invested heavily in ExtJs and Ext.NET in our applications over the past 7 years. Can you please assure us of your plans/roadmap for the future?

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    Hello @paulc! Thanks for your inquiry!

    I see you created another thread at with the same question. I have pointed both threads to @Geoffrey, as he's the best person to give you an answer about all you asked, I have now pointed him the new thread you created.

    What I can say in advance is we are working on Ext.NET 4.7 now, that will include the just-released Ext JS 6.6.0, and we have some threads and a github issue about ASPNet Core, where we already sent some answers for inquiries about it.

    Please hang in for a while, we'll get to your threads and answer them.
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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